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  • PCM
  • PDH
  • SDH
  • OLT
  • Converter
  • Power&Cabinet
  • Distribution unit
  • Antenna




PCM List:

  • pcm 1u4e1pcm30
  • Model:  1U4E1PCM30
    Synopsis:  intelligent PCM equipment, 19 inch width, 1u height, 4×E1, 30 signal channels, MSTP, 128×128 time slot cross-connection, multiple power supplies, support hot swapped.
  • pcm pcm120
  • Model:  PCM120
    Synopsis:  Multiservice PCM. Large volume of signal-transferring. 19 inch width, 1u height, multiple E1 supported, MSTP, 64Kbit/s slot crossing, 18 plugin card slots, multiple power supplies, hot plugged.
  • pcm BBPCM30
  • Model:  BBPCM30
    Synopsis:  MSTP PCM, 19inch width, 1u height. 1×E1, multiple services supported, as well as Ethernet and V.35 data. Multiple power supplies and cards hot swapped. Optical interface optional.



PDH List:

  • pdh fom8e1
  • Model:  OMT240M(FOM8E1)
    Synopsis:  Standard PDH for small volume services. 4×E1-8×E1, dual power feeding, 100M Ethernet, 1×V.35, 2×RS232 extensible. Single/dual optical interface supported.
  • pdh fom480
  • Model:  FOM480
    Synopsis:  Multiservices PDH, card slot structure.plugin card: E1, Ethernet, E1-ehternet, V.35, Vedio service, Voice service, RS232. Dual power feeding, single/dual optical interface supported.
  • pdh omt240
  • Model:  OMT240K
    Synopsis:  ADM mode PDH, card slot structure. Plugin card: E1, E1-ehternet, V.35, Vedio service, Voice service, RS232. Self-healing ring mode supported. single/dual optical interface optional.
  • pdh RACK240
  • Model:  RACK240
    Synopsis:  Centralized PDH, 19inch width, 6u height, 16 PDH unit slot supported. Each PDH unit card transfers 8×E1, or 16×E1. Multiple power supplies.



SDH List:

  • sdh ots155
  • Model:  OTS155
    Synopsis:  Basic STM-1 SDH, supports E1 service, Ethernet service, STM-1 transferring. E1 port extensible. Single/dual optical interface optional.
  • sdh ots622
  • Model:  OTS622
    Synopsis:  STM-1/STM-4 SDH, supports E1 service, Ethernet service, STM-1/STM-4 transferring. Plugin card: E1, Ethernet, Optical interface.
  • sdh ots2050
  • Model:  OTS2050
    Synopsis:  STM-1/STM-4/STM-16 SDH, supports E1 service, Ethernet service, STM-1/STM-4/STM-16 transferring. Plugin card: E1, Ethernet, Optical interface.



Optical Line Terminal Devices List:

  • pcm PDH om4e1pcm30
  • Model:  OM4E1PCM30
    Synopsis:  Smart PCM&PDH, 19inch width, 1u height, 4×E1, 30 channels PCM services, MSTP, dual power supplies, hot plugged. 10M/100M adapted Ethernet integrated. Optical interface supported.
  • pcm PDH MSTP_310
  • Model:  MSTP_310
    Synopsis:  MSTP, 19inch width, 8u height, 8×STM-1, 1×STM-4, 12×PDH units(8 or 16 E1 per unit), as well as 16E1 pcm services supported. Multiple power supplies.



Converter List:

  • converter e1-lan Converter
  • Model:  E1_Ethernet Converter
    Synopsis:  1E1/4E1-LAN converter transfers 10/100M Ethernet data via E1 interface. Framed/unframed. Desktop type or modular type available.
  • converter Transceiver
  • Model:  Optical Transceiver
    Synopsis:  10M/100M fast ethernet transfers via optical fiber. 100Base-TX/100Base-FX supported. Single mode 1310nm/1550nm optional. Dual power supplies.
  • converter e1 rs232 V.35
  • Model:  E1/V.35/RS232 Converter
    Synopsis:  RS232(V.24), N×64Kb/s V.35, convertered into E1. Multiple power supplies.
  • converter video transceiver
  • Model:  Vedio Fiber Transceiver
    Synopsis:  1×video, 1×audio, 2×data, and 1×10/100Base_T, transmissing by optical interface. Uncompressed digital video transmission. PAL, NTSC, SECAM compatible. Multiple power supplies.



Power&Cabinet List:

  • cabinet
  • Model:  Cabinet
    Synopsis:  Standard cabinets for different size. Color optional.
  • VDF
  • Model:  Heads Cabinet
    Synopsis:  Multiple input and output. Alarming Output, Voltage Supervision, air-break switch supported. Customized according to the arrangement of clients.
  • DDF
  • Model:  High Frequency Switch Power
    Synopsis:  AC input, Constant voltage DC output. The output voltage adjustable. The output current differentiates according to model.



Distribution unit List:

  • VDF
  • Model:  VDF
    Synopsis:  Steel frame, with Cologne or Alcatel board module available, for different amount of loops. Safty cut-out optional.
  • DDF
  • Model:  DDF
    Synopsis:  Siemens 5-in-1 distribution terminals, amount of units optional. Rotable front board for more convinient operation.
  • ODF
  • Model:  ODF
    Synopsis:  Steel frame with different amount of units supported. Layered column construction.



Antenna List:

  • Antenna
  • Model:  H/TGA-41 Short-wave Antenna
    Synopsis:  Omni auto-adapted mode antenna. Low VSWR between 2∼30MHz, easy set-up and maintenance.




  • rtu
  • Model:  ORM16/FOTCAR-4
    Synopsis:  SCADA Supports switch signal analysis, supervision and control. fast-speed response, multiple power supplies. These equipments are all customized according to customer's requirements.
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