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H/TGA-410 serial antenna adopts three parallel wires consitituting a pair of simulation oscillator. Loading parts are piecewise connected along simulation oscillator. The central loader matches high-power inpedance characteristics. Splitting designning is easy for customers to set it up and maintain.

Antenna works in wide frequency band, with smooth impedance characteristics, low VSWR, and efficient radiation. H/TGA-410 guarantees the shortwave radio and broadband transmitter to work porperly, even without antenna tuner. With wide horizontal beam width and vertical beam width, it is an omnidirectional antenna. Meanwhile, the structure is dexterous, the weight is light, the corrosion resistance is strong, and wind resisting ability is perfect. H/TGA-410 is set up in horizontal shape or pyramid shape.

Technical Specifications
Frequency Range 2∼30MHz
Impedance Antenna Impedance:300Ω balanced
With Matching module A:50Ω unbalanced
With Matching module B:600Ω balanced
VSWR > 2
Average Power 2000W
Instantaneous Power 4000W
Gain 5dBi
Max transmission Distance 3000Km
Demension 32m_length
Weight 30Kg



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