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The code rate of PDH MSTP OMT240K is 34Mbit/s. It is slot-structure. Supporting ADM, OMT-240K can work in ring network. All the plugins are hot swapped.

OMT240K has one optical port, can also be extended to dual ports to be 1+1 protection. Optical maser shuts down automatically when it is not working.

OMT240K can be used to form single ring topology or 1+1 self-healing ring topology in small networks.


OMT240K contains 6 card slots. From the left, Power supply slot, 4 extensible card slots, optical interface slot.

OMT240K Signal Processing Slot List
Module Introduction
4×E1 4 channels of E1 port (ballanced/unballanced)
4×V.35 4 channels of V.35 port
4E1-LAN port 4E1-LAN converter card, 8Mbit/s bandwidth
Optical interface Optical interface card


Frame Parameter

OMT240K's framework is made of aluminium alloy. 19 inch external width, 1U height, 25cm length.

This equipment can be located on any stable base, and can be also screwed through mounting hole to 19 inch cabinet.


Port Physical Parameter

Name Description
E1 port BNC(75Ω)/RJ45(120Ω) 16E1 ports totally
Optical Interface FC/SC
LAN Interface RJ45
V.35 port DB25/F-connector
NM port DB9(socket)
SNMP-LAN port RJ45


Port Electrical Parameter

Optical Interface

Code rate: 150Mbit/s
Fiber mode: Single mode 9/125μm
Wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm
Transmit power: -15dBm∼-3dBm
Receive sensitivity: -44dBm∼-38dBm
Port amount: 1∼2

2Mbit/s Interface(E1)

Transmission Type: HDB3
Transmission Rate: 2048Kbit/s
Permissible Deviation: ±5×10E-5
Impedance at E1 Interface: 75Ω/120Ω
E1 Signal Amplitude: 2.37V/3V

4E1-LAN Interface

Specification: IEEE802.3
Bandwidth: 8Mbit/s
Applicable Ethernet rate:
      10M/100M auto adaptation
Work mode: Half-duplex/full duplex

V.35 port

Clock Type: DCE/DTE optional
Data rate: N×64Kbit/s, N=1∼32
Frame: frame/unframe optional
PCM30/31: Optional
TS occupancy: discretionary
Data mode: differentiate
Signal output level: 2.5V∼5V
Minimum input level: 0.2V

NM port

Interface type: RS232
Code rate: 9.6Kbit/s
IP address capacity: 255
Communicaition protocol: Internal
Call origination: Address enquiry
working platform: WINDOWS X

Power Supply

Feeding type: 220V/AC\-48V/DC
Feeding mode:AC/DC single/both
Power consumption: < 15W
Feeding current: < 0.1A
DC feeding range: -36V∼-72V
AC feeding range: 65V∼260V


ip address: selectable
Capacity: 10000 units
Protocol: SNMP

Working Environment

Operation temperature: 0℃∼+55℃
Relative humidity: 0%∼90%(30℃)


Point to point mode

Link mode

Ring mode



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