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Intelligent 1U4E1PCM30 has 4 E1 ports, 30 signal channels. With 128X128 time slot cross-connections, it distributes 30 channels of speech signal converted into 4 E1 channels. 1U4E1PCM30 is a multi-functional equipment for small volume of information processing. Its front panel can be turned over and the expansion cards is hot-plug. Alarm LED of each unit is visible directly for convenient checking. 1U4E1PCM30 is compatible with other HG PCM products.

1U4E1PCM30 has two V24(RS232) ports and can be extended upto four ports by the customers’ requirements.

With network supervision software, the four E1 ports can be automatically switched. If an error occurs at one E1 port, another port can take part of the mal-functional one automatically.


1U4E1PCM30 has 16 card slots. The right slot is MUX card slot and the other 15 slots are all extension card slots. Each signal processing slot holds two channels of signal

1U4E1PCM30 Signal Processing Slot List
Module Introduction
1U4E1MUX MUX unit. with two V.24 ports. Including power unit and ringing generator.
BB751 2 channels/card, FXS
BB752 2 channels/card, FXO
BB756 2 channels/card, 2/4 wire E&M
BB747 2 channels/card, V.11/V.24/V.35 ports, Data Synchronous 64Kb/s, Asynchronous 9.6Kb/s


Frame Parameter

The framework of 1U4E1PCM30 is aluminum; 19 inch external width; 1U height; 30cm length.

This equipment can be located on any stable base, and can be also screwed through mounting hole to 19 inch cabinet.


Port Physical Parameter

Name Description
E1 port L9 coaxial connector
extension card port DB25(socket), 8 sockets totally, 4 signal channels per socket.
V.24 port of MUX DB9(socket)
NM port DB9(socket)

Port Electrical Parameter

Technical features of 1U4E1PCM30 meets ITU-T G.703、G.711、G.712、G.713、G.714、G.732.

System Features

Transmission technique: PCM
Group Interface: E1
Gross bit rate: 2.048Mbit/s±50ppm
Sampling Frequency: 8KHz
Frame Time Slot Amount: 32
Channel Amount: 30
Bit Rate of Time Slot: 64Kbit/s
Signalling Signal: TS16
compliant to ITU-T REC\G.704
Frame Alignment Signal: TS0

2Mbit/s Interface(E1)

Transmission Type: HDB3
Transmission Rate: 2048Kbit/s
Permissible Deviation: ±5&time;10E-5
Impedance at E1 Interface: 75Ω
E1 Signal Amplitude: 2.37V


Ports per Card: 2
Standard Referred to: ITU-T\REC\Q.522
Frequency Range: 0.3∼3.4KHz
Idle Channel Noise: < -65dBm0
Cross Talk: < -65dBm0
Relative Level Transmitted at F2an:
                  +3,0,-3dBr adjustable
Relative Level Received at F2ab:
                  +3,0,-3dBr adjustable
Max Loop Impedance: 2.4KΩ
Loop Feeding:
Loop Current: 22mA∼28mA
Ringing Generator Voltage:
                  75V(full load≥50V)
Ringing Frequency: 25Hz±10%


Ports per Card:2
Standard Referred to: ITU-T\REC\Q.522
Frequency Range: 0.3∼3.4KHz
Idle Channel Noise: < -65dBm0
Cross Talk: < -65dBm0
Relative Level F2an: 0dBr
Relatvie Level F2ab: -3dBr
Loop Resistance: 470Ω
Audio Impedance: compound
Ring Current Detection Level:35V∼100V
Receive Ringing Frequency: 16Hz∼66Hz

2/4 wire E&M

Ports per card: 2
Standard Referred to: ITU-T\REC\G.714
Signaling Mode: E&M
Audio Impedance: 600Ω
Transmission Relative Level at F2in:
-17.4∼+7dBr adjustable, 0 dBr initially
Receiving Relative Level at F2out:
-17∼+7dBr adjustable, 0 dBra initially

Power Supply and Operation Environment

Input Voltage Range: -36V∼72V DC
Maximum Output Power: < 20W
Performance Temperature: 0℃∼+40℃
Operation Temperature: -10℃∼+45℃
Storage Temperature: -40℃∼+60℃
Performance Humidity: 10%∼90%(+35℃)
Operation Humidity: 5%∼95%(+35℃)

Data Interface Card

Port per Card: 2
Asynchronous Data Channel V.24/RS232
Logic Level: 0=+10V,1=-10V
Transmission Rate: 0∼19.2kbit/s
Sampling Rate: 64KHz
Interface Static Protection: Available
Interface Protection Voltage: ±10V
Asynchronous V.11/RS422/485
Signal Line Amount: 4
Input Detection Capability:
                  :Ua-Ub> 0.07V
Output Signal Level:
                  Ua-Ub=5V(zero loaded)
Transmission Rate: 0∼19.2Kbit/s
Synchronous V.35
Clock Interface Type: DCE

Point to Point Mode

Link Mode

One to Multipoint Mode



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