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OTS-2050 is multifunctional transmission equipment. It has STM-1,STM-4 and STM-16 optical interfaces with standard transmission rate, slot structure, multiple light directions, high-integrated E1 board and multiple shared Ethernet board. With large volume of optical transmission, flexible assignment, multi-mode of interfaces OTS-2050 is an ideal optical network gateway equipment.

OTS-2050 equipment supports 256×256VC4 / 2016×2016VC12 non-block crossing and ADM. It also has uni-directional and bi-directional broadcasting functions.

Its network management supports assignment, warning, maintenance, supervision and management functions.


OTS-2050 contains 35 expansion slots, including E1 service, Ethernet service and optical interfaces.

OTS-2050 Signal Processing Slot List
Module Introduction
Data Interface Master control unit
Power Interface Power feeding unit
MCP card Manage & control pannel
CS card Clock & crossing pannel
Optical interface card STM-16/STM-4/STM-1
E12 card 32×E1(ballanced/unballanced)
Ethernet card 10M/100M adapted Ethernet
G-Ethernet card 1Gbit/s bandwidth Ethernet
TPS_E12W E1 working interface pannel
TPS_E12P E1 protecting interface pannel
E1_INF E1 interface pannel
Fan card Radiator


Frame Parameter

The framework of OTS-2050 is made of compound metal, 19 inch external width; 11U height; 24cm length.

This equipment can be screwed through mounting hole to 19 inch cabinet.


Port Physical Parameter

Name Description
E1 port OP interface, connected to ddf with L9 coaxial connector.
Optical interface Optical transceiver, LC
LAN Interface RJ45
NM port DB9(socket) & RJ45


Port Electrical Parameter

Optical Interface

Code rate: STM-1/STM-4/STM-16
Transmit mode:
Transmit power: -12∼2dBm
Receive sensitivity: -28∼-34dBm
Max Optical ports: 26×STM-1 /
                    13×STM-4 / 6×STM-16

E1 Interface

Capacity: 32 channels
Max volume: 352×E1 ports
Transmission Type: HDB3
Transmission Rate: 2048Kbit/s
Permissible Deviation: ±5×10E-5
Impedance at E1 Interface: 75Ω/120Ω
E1 Signal Amplitude: 2.37V/3V


LAN Interface

Specification: IEEE802.3
Bandwidth: 100Mbit/s
Applicable Ethernet rate:
        10M/100M autoadaptation\1Gbit/s
Work mode: Half-duplex/full duplex
Rate Control: By NM software

Clock option

2048KHz external clock
STM-1 timing source inputs
STM-1 tributary clock
STM-4 timing source inputs
STM-4 tributary clock
STM-16 timing source inputs
SSM function
working mode:
            locked/keeping/Internal mode
priority: NM software control


Capacity: 25
Calling function:
all call, selective call, group call
Code mode: A-law/µ-law
Interface: VF
Ring frequency: 450Hz
Ring mode: buzzer

Working environment

Feeding mode: -48V/DC
Voltage range: -48V±15%
Operation temperature: 5℃∼45℃
Relative humidity: ≥95%(T≥25℃)


Point to point mode

Crossing point in complicated network



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