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Founded in 1993, Tianjin Hengguang Technologies Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of TOEC Group Co., Ltd. in electricity optical communication area. After several reformations, it has become the leading edge in optical communication research and development.
Now we have 58 employees working mainly on optical communication product development, testing and service. Volume-production is done at group’s product line. We have 4 senior engineers who have over 20 years optical communication development experience.
Hengguang technologies in the industrial park of TOEC group Co.,which is over 67,000 square meters. The industrial park is awarded Garden Company by city government for its beautiful environment.
Our product covers PCM, PDH, SDH optical communication system and VDF, DDF, ODF, interface converters, communication power supply and other optical communication devices. We can also produce products by customers’ special order.
We believe“ Do good things, be good persons”. From research, production, setup to operation, we provide the best quality. With the effort of all our employees, Hengguang has become one of the most reliable brands in communication market.


Hengguang Teches applies layered management system, with fully collaborations among departments. There are four departments related to production, as follows.

Hengguang Technology Department majors in product development and maintenance. It is one of the most important departments in Hengguang management system. Technology department is comprised of the middle-aged experienced employees and the young’s. They are adventuresome, energetic and under direction of experienced engineers. Nearly 20 years' experience becomes the source of innovations. Every product produced by Hengguang has been tested strictly by technology department to make sure well-reliable operations. Besides, technology department is also responsible for product repair.
Hengguang Engineering Department is responsible for project design,project operation, and project testing and project maintenance. It implements services to customers based on company’s self-developed products. Similar to Technology Department, Engineering Department is also comprised of the mid-aged and the young’s. Stable and serious design of project communication networks as well as fast implementation of project is the characteristics of the department. By customers’ request, Professional engineers will come to install or repair devices.
Hengguang Quality Department tests and is responsible for product quality and service for customers. Quality Department is comprised of experienced technical staff. As the third-party supervisor, it ensures our reliable quality during the production progress from material purchase, electrical components soldering to assembly line. The quality department’s work is in every phase of the production. Its serious attitude ensures good quality of Hengguang product, behalf of customers and long last spirit of Hengguang motto.
Hengguang Market Department works on customer contacting, product selling and market spreading. Leading by experienced managers, energetic young sell men are endeavoring to extend market and spread Hengguang spirit. It is comprised of three departments, North China Electricity, National Market and International Market, which provide different services for different customers.
     North China Electricity Department is for north and northeast national electricity departments, mainly electricity network and agriculture network clients. National Market Department is for the national market, including development of western regions, electricity network and agriculture network communication devices alteration technology supports.
     International Market Department is for the spreading in the international market. Our product has been bought by many companies in Southeast Asia, Middle East,South America and Africa. We provide customized services and the whole set of corresponding solutions to meet the requests of customers from all over the world.
Tianjin Hengguang Techs maintains its original troop-like serious attitude. Its spirit becomes stronger and stronger in the market economical wave. Its step goes further and further while the technology explodes rapidly. After nearly 20 years,Hengguang has become one of the reliable brands in the field of wire optical communication networks.


All the departments of Hengguang cooperate with each other to organize tasks efficiently. The advantages of the combination of the old’s experience,the middle-aged’s conservativeness and the young’s vigor have been realized time after time in the projects. The employees in each department communicate and learn professional knowledge from each other in spare time. Well-purposed internal completion has improved Hengguang’s technical research.


Hengguang Techs sees its promise significant, treats its customers warmly. Based on the advantages of its products, combined with customers’ special requests, Hengguang Techs does its best to complete every project. Hengguang promises forever guarantee of its products to protect customer’s benefit. In the cooperation with our customers, we have shown all of our sincerity and obtained many long-term business friends.


Besides hard work, we also like lively life, warm smiles,beautiful dream and care from others. Other than basic benefit, we also have travels and other activities to release pressure and enjoy happy time.

The Original of Hengguang Culture Motto

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