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  • Power System Communication
    • Qinhuangdao Powerstation
    • Chengde Powerstation
    • North China Powerstation
    • Fengning Powerstation
    • Langfang Powerstation
    • Hengshui Powerstation
    • Tangshan Powerstation
    • Baoding Powerstation
    • Chifeng Powerstation
    • Baoji Powerstation
    • Xianyang Powerstation
    • Wuyishan Powerstation
    • Heilongjiang Powerstation
    • Xinzhou Powerstation
    • Shuozhou Powerstation
    • Jincheng Powerstation
    • Yuncheng Powerstation
    • Tianshui Powerstation
    • Jilin Water Powerstation
    • Tonghua Powerstation
    • Jiliao Powerstation
    • Fuxin Powerstation
    • Fujin Powerstation
    • Jiamusi Powerstation
    • Ordos Powerstation
    • Mudanjiang Powerstation
    • Bohai Sea Powerstation
    • Dayu Powerstation
    • Ningxia Powerstation
  • CTT System Communication
    • Qinghai-Tibet Railway Line
    • Qinghai-Tibet Railway Line
    • CTT Gansu Branch
    • CTT Tianjin Branch
    • CTT Qinghai Branch
  • Force System Communication
    • General Staff Ministry
    • Ministry of Navy Communications
    • Beijing Military
    • China Railway Bureau
    • Xinjiang Malan 94095
  • Overseas Market
    • Salvador South America
    • Singapore Southeast Asia
    • Qazaqstan West Asia


Our company provides professional service to our customers and ensures a successful accomplishment of customer’s project.

Technical consultation

Considering the details and general condition of project our technicians can provide relative solution for our customer’s requirement.We will provide detailed implementation proposal,topology and detailed device configuration to our customers.We can update and improve our existing products to meet the special requirement of our customers.

On-the-spot service

When our engineering technical documents is approved by the Engineering Technology Constitution of our customers,we will provide all equipment under contract,send professional engineers to appointed site within stipulated time to integrate and open equipments and make operation testing.

Training service

According to the requirement of our customers,we can provide local and remote technical training,service for explaining the basic telecommunication knowledge,our products knowledge,network and related technical information.

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